rottwThe rottweiler Fitus from the “From the Wilderness” breeding by Ramona and Hans-Jürgen Radtke, traveled to Cebu located in the Philippines to do his job as a guard dog.

5.4. Frankfurt.
Dogs have Jobs too. At 8 months old it was time for him to start his career. While our infants would learn how to walk, dogs are already close to adulthood. Fitus is from a special breed. His father “Greif von der Crossener Ranch” came to fame when he became world-, Europe- and clubchampion last year.

Rottweiler? Remember something?
Rottweiler falsely have a bad reputation and many airlines don’t fly this dog breed. But the only dangerous part of those dogs is at the end of the leash. The police and military use Rottweilers as service dogs since 1910 because they are known for high awareness and the willingness to learn, caused by the typical fearlessness, the confident appearance and steady nerves (Source: VDH).
Some people have used this dog as their personal bodyguard and weapon which caused incidents with these dogs and therefore media attention, which gave the breed a bad reputation.

basil dottieSometimes the conventional ways are not sufficient enough, new and fast ways requested.
22.03.2017 Frankfurt. “Basil” the cholate Lab and “Dottie” the Golden Retriever Lady removed from the idyllic Baden-Württemberg in Germany with wide grasslands, romantic streams, rivers and woods into the stately suburb of Minneapolis. But nothing less than two problems needed to get solved. The first one: the time frame till flight was rather short. The second one was caused by the first problem, for a conventional booking procedure too less time was remaining. So, the guys of AnimalLogistics FRA did it the fast way and exchanged the airports and used the fabulous partner network.

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