koi147 special boxes with a ton of weight from Haneda, Japan arrived at the 16.03.2017. This boxes contained the Kings of the garden pond: the koi carp along with travel water.

The koi carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a very special fish. The cold water fish is native to Japan, where the animals are cherished and maintained since about 1870 as symbols of the noble and powerful. They worshipped there as live swimming jewels. The beautiful colors of the Koi carp justify the status of jewels definitely. The Europeans do enjoy these animals since a couple of years because of the beauty and peaceful behavior and not as a status symbol. How do live fish fly in an aircraft? Fish do live in water as we all know and cannot breathe air as we do.

Therefore, live fish must fly with water. However, you cannot simply pack a pond on the plane, water can be very dangerous to the aircraft. Leaking liquids would damage the construction of the expensive aircraft, large amounts of moving water could compromise the stability and flying of the aircraft and can even cause a crash. Here specialist must act in any way from the very beginning till the very end: Ornafish Japan Co., Ltd and AnimalLogistics FRA GmbH. Each Koi is packaged per size into special plastic bags. These bags are made of a strong material, several bags over each other reinforce the strength of the material. In each bag, the jewels are being packed by Ornafish Japan co., Ltd with a carefully calculated amount of water. Depending on the age of the animals, several fish must be packed in groups or individually. Otherwise, the Koi is don’t feel comfortable or worst case take damage. Therefore, the use of experienced people is important as Ornafish Japan co., Ltd. Each bag is inflated in addition with a carefully coordinated set of pure oxygen. From now on, the time frame in rather tide and time is running fast. Beginning from packaging at the facility until arrival at the new pond the time frame is between 36 hours and the very maximum of 72 hours, depending on external influences.

koi3Then the animals must be already in the new pond. The temperature during the entire transport time is critical. Each degree Celsius too much reduces the total transport time heavy, is the temperature is too low, the fish take damage or could die. Time is short and running fast. 36 to the very maximum of 72 hours from the packaging till the new pond. So, Ornafish Japan co., Ltd processed with packing and to the airport in Haneda, where authorities had to their jobs, loading, flight to Frankfurt. Here in Frankfurt, we offload the fish from the plane and processed them to the the Frankfurt Animal Lounge (FAL) where two authorities needed to act. The veterinary border inspection post in Hesse (TGSH) and customs office. The TGSH ensures that no diseases came along with the Koi and that the animals not abuse. The customs authority ensures that no inferior, dangerous or counterfeit goods to get imported. The complete process in Frankfurt was coordinated by AnimalLogistics. In total the jewels in the shed dress did it to the new pond before 36 hours’ time frame expired. All the animals arrived safe and sound and look for food. So then, welcome to Germany.

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