How is a Zoo animal being transported from one Zoo to another? Especially if both Zoos are far apart and cannot be reached by road transportation in an acceptable timeframe? It seems a flight would be the best option but how to arrange this? It is impossible to store a Vicugna vicugna under the seat in front of you, and the Vicugna vicugna is not doing fine as excess luggage at all. No one has ever heard about a Aptenodytes forsteri in the cabin and no airline would sell a seat to a Tremarctos ornatus. Other paying passengers would probably have their concerns. And do not forget the Customs documents, Cites permits, crate requirements and other permissions needed as well. To summarize in short, you will need an experienced specialized agent like AnimalLogistics to take care of such an air-transport. We can guide you through the possibilities and help you to make it possible. To give you some information we would need some basic information from your side first to check possibilities. You can use our “quote” button to fill out the details we need. The second step would be that we contact you to talk about the details like travel crate, correct forklift or crane and needed humidity, temperature, timeframes and so on.

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